Arms crossed in front of body

by kym mcmillan
(arlington, va, usa)

Closed for Comments...

Closed for Comments...

What does crossing your arms at the elbows in front of your body mean? Also resting your arm from the elbow forward on the table while eating?

Our Answer

When someone has his or her arms crossed, it's usually said that this person is showing 'closed body language'. In other words, by putting the arms in front of the body (or other things, like stacks of paper), they're shiehlding the body from the (possibly hurtful) remarks and glances of other people.

But never forget that body signals must always be validated by other body signals. So, if the legs are crossed as well, and the person looks away... well, it makes a case for a closed mind.

If not, maybe he's just cold (look for pulled up shoulders!).

As for your other question: Some say that putting your elbows on the table is just rude. I say it signals that someone is at ease where they're sitting.

Hope this answers your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for asking!

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they're shiehlding the body from the (possibly hurtful) remarks and glances of other people.
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