Holding hands while walking....

by Lena
(St. John's, NL, Ca)

Here is the scenario...

A couple (male & female) have been in a relationship for 16 months... when this couple are out & about together(shopping, errands) or just out for a stroll, the girl reaches for his hand. However, he allows her to hold onto his small pinky finger only... not clasp his whole hand or interlock fingers....

What does this indicate, if anything?


Our Answer

At first glance, it could simply indicate a fear of commitment. After all, couples holding hands signal to the rest of the world that they're 'taken'.

On the other hand, holding hands when walking can interfere with your stride. After all, your loved one may be walking in a different rhythm than you. In such a case, just holding the pinky may be the compromise.

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