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YOU... yes, YOU... are an expert at speaking body language. Everybody does it. It's completely second nature. And whether you like it or not, it's almost impossible to shut up...

You can learn to say different things with your body than you are saying now! It's one of the most effective languages you'll ever learn.

Have you heard before that body language and tone of voice are responsible of 93% of what you communicate, leaving just 7% for what you actually say? Well, in reality that's a wrong interpretation of Albert Mehrabian's research in the 70s on this subject. Even so, there's no doubt that body language plays a major role in face-to-face communication!

Unfortunately, for some daft reason you are expected to have some kind of psychology degree to learn this. Even though you are an expert at speaking it.

That's not right! Let's do something about it!

There's nothing mysterious about body language... you can learn it without a degree, and this site is ready to show you that.

Take the Mystery out of Body Language

There are many advantages to learning body language...

  • Next time you go in a bar, make the right impression on the (wo)man you fancy. You have 90 seconds to send the right message, and "Don't I know you from somewhere?" doesn't hack it.
  • The truth is that getting that great new job (with ditto pay!) hinges on how the people hiring feel about you... so make them feel you are strong, passionate, smart, or whatever else is needed in the job!
  • Turn the cards. Put on your poker face, while reading your opponents telltale body signs. Winning at poker is not just about good cards or being lucky.
  • Can you imagine how much easier it is to negotiate if you're able to see if the other party is lying about their position? That's the very reason others have taken advantage of you all your life!
  • Have fun with reality shows, knowing what they really think adds a whole new dimension to it... Same goes for Presidential debates!

There's no way around it: in work or play, it makes a difference. You can earn to use it to your advantage, right here! No mystery. No Psycho Babble.

C'mon in! You're very welcome here!

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