Good Posture and Body Language

If you have a good posture, you tell a wildly different story with your body, than when you slouch.

Sitting relaxed with arms behind the head
Likewise, you reveal things about yourself with how you place your arms and legs.

Are you:

  • Open or Closed?
  • Confident or Insecure?
  • Interested or Bored?
  • Dominant or Submissive?
  • Happy or Depressed?
  • Successful or a Loser?
  • Leaving or Staying?

All this and more can be read from your body.

This section will explain how you can read the body language of others, and how you can give the right signals by having a good posture. And how to place your arms and legs to emphasize your message.

A Slouching Posture Hurts You in More Ways Than One
"No slouching posture!", your parents said... "Sit up straight!". And for good reason. If you slouch, you are bound to get severe neck and back pains sooner or later. But it hurts you more than that...

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