How Romantic Body Language says
"I Love You"

While flirting is a great way to make contact with someone you like, romantic body language is the way to go to show you're really serious about someone...

Everybody needs to feel loved. It's as important as the air that you breath and the food that you drink. But while saying the words "I love you" is important, they really pack a punch when backed up with romantic gestures.

Romantic couple...
Leaning, touching and gazing...
This screams romance!

One of the best ways to show your love is by looking at your partner for an extended period. It makes them feel valued, and extremely important. Especially when you look each other in the eyes, it can become impossible to look away... if you're totally at ease with each other that is. If he or she looks away, that can be a sign of not being interested, or is shy of course. But all in all, the interlocking of eyes is a great example of romance.

Touch also plays an important part. Either by touching the other person in safe places, such as the back or the hands or arms, or by brushing or bumping against him or her.

Another way of showing romantic interest is by pointing a body part towards your favorite person. Pointing your feet to another person is a subtle way to show of interest. Lean towards her (equals pointing your chest or your shoulder at her) or point your shoulder to him, and throw a sultry look over it!

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