Salary and Sales Negotiation Training: Reading Body Language

There's a lot to learn in sales negotiation training, but nothing can beat knowing the other party's position. Learning to read body language can give you that edge.

Sales negotiations taking place...

Wouldn't it be great to know whether or not your fellow negotiator is pressured for time? Whether or not they're telling the truth, when they say that they can 'go no further'?

But that's not all.

Negotiating experts say that you'll get better result with the other person you're negotiating with, if they like you.

Well, body language comes to the rescue yet again! If you're able to recognize the negotiator's special moves, intonations, and body posture... you can mimic them. From the other side of the table, they'll then see someone they like. They'll see themselves.

This section will provide you with the body language skills to see their true intentions, and mimic their body language to get them to come on the same wavelength as you..

We have no doubt you can negotiate your way around our site! :-D

Building Rapport When Negotiating
Building rapport is about getting a bond with your negotiation partner. Mimicking (also known as mirroring or matching) is a tried and true method of building rapport quickly. You probably already do it and aren’t even aware. There is always room, though, to take it up a notch. These tips will help.

How to Make a Confident Hand Gesture
A simple movement of the hand can make you look more confident and in control. Practice them, and use them whenever you want to confince a person or an audience!

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