Body Language: Eye Contact Insights

The eyes are 'the mirrors of the soul'. They tell you so much, that for reading body language, eye contact is a must.

Most people instinctively know that when they look in someone else's eyes, they open themselves up for that person. That's why many look away, when they look in someone's eyes they do not know or trust very well.

Fun Eye Contact Experiment

See the eyes I put below? It's the main focus of this body language eye contact experiment I thought up...

I promise you, they will continue to look at you as you move through the room. Now walk away from the screen... Keep looking! Move to the left, move to the right.

When done, please come back here.

Watch them eyes... keep watching!

Back already?

Spooky huh?

So how did I do it? How did I make the eyes follow you?

Well, I was just having a bit of fun. The eyes weren't looking at you, you were looking at the eyes!

Eye contact makes a strong connection. It's the very first thing you do when you start flirting. It says: "I see you, you have my attention".

Well, I hope I have your attention now, because I have a whole lot more to tell about the eyes.

Have a look! ;-)

Eyes Body Language Articles

Eye Body Language: Reading Basic Eye Movements
Reading eye body language is not without risk. If you can see someone's eyes, he or she can see yours as well... but you cannot ignore the eyes, as they can give you so much clues.

How Body Language and Eye Contact Work Together
The eyes tell a lot about you, yes. But it's important to see body language and eye contact together, do not focus on just eye movement. Or just body langyage. They work together to give you clues on what's going on.

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