Nonverbal Communication and
Body Language Explained

Body Language (also known as Nonverbal Communication, even though that's technically not correct) gives you a lot extra information beyond the spoken words, that you can use to recognize people's emotions, and discover their real intentions.

Arms and legs crossed, closed for argumentsWhat people are saying (ie. the words they speak) and what they are really saying (their intentions, emotions, hidden agenda's etc.) can be very different:

  • Some people lie.
  • Some people unconsciously oppose what they say
  • Some people pretend to be what they're not
  • Some people don't talk at all (but their body speaks volumes!)


Learning the Ropes

If you learn how listen to this secret language of the body, you are just that much closer to understanding what people really want, or don't want.

If you are new to body language in general, then this section is your place to start...

What is Body Language? More in-depth...
So what is body language, that strange secret language that has turned powerful presidents into the laughing stock of the world, and drives crooks to confessions? Let's take a more in-depth look!

Types of Body Language
What types of body language can be distinguished? Body language is usually grouped along two lines...

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