Guide to Hand Gestures
and Finger Movements

Human hands are delicate instruments. Hand gestures and finger gestures are excellent ways of emphasizing what we say... but on the other hand they can also reveal our true intentions.

Live Long and Prosper!

Some hand gestures bring you back in a gulf of nostalgia (like this "live long and prosper" gesture... if you're a "Trekkie" that is!).

And sometimes a single finger can ignite you in a flaming rage!

Hands are great instruments to add meaning to what we say, and intentionally strengthen the message we are sending. But at the same time, the hands and brain are so connected that the hands act unconsciously, revealing many inner thoughts.

This section will explain what messages are sent with the hands, palms and fingers.


Finger Gesture Guide
There's a fine line between a finger gesture and a hand gesture, but here you can find the ones where the finger movement is the most important part.

Finger Names: What are Fingers Called?
Each finger has a distinct name... find out the regular AND Latin finger names.

Where did Middle Finger Gesture Come From?
The middle finger gesture... A surefire way to send someone into a firing rage! So where did the middle finger originate?


How to Make a Confident Hand Gesture
A simple movement of the hand can make you look more confident and in control. Practice them, and use them whenever you want to confince a person or an audience!

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